Lesira-Teq is a leading innovations company that designs, manufactures and supplies Smart Metering Systems globally. Our company's track record spans over 10 years, and is testament of a company that has made remarkable strides in the innovation and development of Smart Metering Technologies.

Our success has been shaped by a demand for improved, innovative and smart, high quality Smart Metering Systems in the Public and Private Utilities Industry. 

We offer a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art water meter products to local and metro municipalities, water authorities and other meter components to manufactures globally. The Lesira-Teq team strives to  develop smart water meters that can be worked by ordinary people.

By simplifying Smart Metering Systems, we have managed to put the power back into the consumer’s hands! In the same breath, we have managed to build a strong sense of conservation by teaching users that water, gas and electricity are our most essential services that play a vital role in our economic and social development. The end-user is now able to get a personal update on usage, thus allowing them to manage their spend through their controlled consumption


We aim to be the most technically advanced Product and Service Provider in Smart Metering Systems. Our Vision is to be the Preferred Supplier and Installer of the most technically advanced Smart Metering Systems.

Lesira-Teq's ultimate goal is to develop and supply Smart Metering Systems that can be used and understood by ordinary people globally. In order to achieve this, we will continue investing in our relationships with all of our stakeholders in our communication to them and education on the importance of water, gas and electricity are our most essential services.


Lesira-Teq’s mission is to supply world-class technologically advanced Smart Metering Solutions on a global scale by:

  • To adhere to clients' requirement and to design products which are easy to use and reliable.

  • To build long term relationships based on ethical business practices and customer satisfaction.

  • To be aware and focused on sustainable conservation of our natural resource – water.

  • To commit to sustain and support our products through building strong partnerships with our stakeholders, clients and our staff.


At Lesira-Teq we thrive on making all our stakeholders (both internally and externally) our number one priority.

We promise and guarantee our customers paramount customer satisfaction and a seamless experience when engaging with our products, as well as our staff. All of our products are designed to be solution based, reliable and non-harmful. 

We will serve all our customers, employees and the environment with integrity, accountability and transparency.


Our core values are cemented in our daily operations and we promise and guarantee excellence, integrity, and a spirit of partnership at all times. 

Our sound ethical business principles and practices are confirmed by the sustainability found in our committed staff members and satisfied clients.












Water Meters




Edwin Sibiya

Managing Director

Mr Edwin Sibiya is the CEO of the Lesira Group, which includes Lesira Holdings, Lesira-Teq and Lesira Manufacturing.He is a passionate innovator with a remarkable entrepreneurial spirit. He successfully completed his B.Eng. (Mechanical) degree from the University of Pretoria.

His systems engineering, process engineering and management skills have earned him respect and added value in projects at companies like Eskom, Nedcor, Teqnovo.

Mr Edwin Sibiya has over 19 years’ experience in the water metering industry. He leads his company by example and is directly involved in its day to day activities. His innovative nature is clearly visible in the research and development of Lesira-Teq’s products. The company’s track record is proof of its sound management principles and longstanding client relationships.

Baker Maseko


Mr Baker Maseko has extensive experience in corporate governance, marketing, communications and business development. He was previously the Executive Deputy Chairperson and co-founder of Azaguys Advertising and Marketing, where he was responsible for strategy and business development in the mass market. He was also joint Agency Head and joint Head of Strategy for the African National Congress National Election Campaign in 1998 – 1999.

He is the founder and Chairman of New Integrated Credit Solutions (Pty) Ltd (NICS), which provides credit management and debt recovery solutions to both the public and private sector. He further serves as Chairman at the following companies Lesira Holdings (Pty) Ltd, BMJ Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd (Multi-Disciplinary Investments Holding Company) and Ashante Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd (Investments in Exploration and Mining of Diamond and Coal Resources).

He also serves as a Councillor on the Council for Debt Collectors and is a Board Member of the Association of Debt Recovery Agencies (ADRA). Mr Maseko is also a liquidator/trustee duly appointed by the Master of the Supreme Court of South Africa.