State-of-the-art Smart Metering Technology

Lesira-Teq is a leading innovations company that designs, manufactures and supplies Smart Metering Systems globally. Our company's track record spans over 10 years, and is testament of a company that has made remarkable strides in the innovation and development of Smart Metering Technologies.

Our success has been shaped by a demand for improved, innovative and smart, high quality Smart Metering Systems in the Public and Private Utilities Industry.

We offer a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art water meter products to local and metro municipalities, water authorities and other meter components to manufactures globally. The Lesira-Teq team strives to develop smart water meters that can be worked by ordinary people.

By simplifying Smart Metering Systems, we have managed to put the power back into the consumer’s hands! In the same breath, we have managed to build a strong sense of conservation by teaching users that water, gas and electricity are our most essential services that play a vital role in our economic and social development. The end-user is now able to get a personal update on usage, thus allowing them to manage their spend through their controlled consumption.

Lesira-Teq Directors

Edwin M. Sibiya
Managing Director

Edwin Sibiya is the managing director of the Lesira Group, which includes Lesira Holdings, Lesira-Teq and Lesira Manufacturing.

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Baker M. J. Maseko

Baker has an extensive experience in corporate governance, marketing, communications and business development.

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Our Vision

We aim to be the most technically advanced Product and Service Provider in Smart Metering Systems...

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Our Mission

Lesira-Teq’s MISSION is to supply world-class technologically advanced Smart Metering Solutions on a global scale by...

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Organisational Values

At Lesira-Teq we thrive on making all our stakeholders (both internally and externally) our number one priority...

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Lesira-Teq mobile app #savingwater

Be mindful to use water wisely. Avoid fines and use water wisely with a Water Management Unit from Lersira-Teq which comes with our mobile app.

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