2019 Articles

A critical review of the water crisis and challenges in South Africa in the 2019 Budget

By: Lesira

March 2019

Water resource management looms as one of the most significant global challenges of the 21st century. Around the world, businesses, governments, and policymakers alike must work together to move beyond business as usual not only to increase the supply and improve the productivity of current resources but also to reduce withdrawals by reshaping underlying economic activities…Read more

2018 Articles

15 Years Before The Drought

By: Lesira
November 2018 Lesira-Teq celebrates 15 years of innovation and service in smart metering solutions. South Africa‚Äôs drought had up until recently been declared a national disaster, affecting the economy and key sectors that contribute to the GPD. This has put the country at great risk of reduced water access. The impact of the drought has not only affected business and government but also individuals. Government has been at the forefront of requesting innovative smart water technology solutions that cities can… Read More

Smart Technology: Innovative Solutions to Manage Water Supply & Demand

By: Edwin Sibiya Managing Director at Lesira-Teq.

January, 2018

Of the rapid population growth in South Africa as evidenced by the last three official censuses has put tremendous pressure on our water supply as well as the resources it takes to extract and transport water.

This reality calls for increased efficiency in water management systems… Read More

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