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A critical review of the water crisis and challenges in South Africa in the 2019 Budget Speech

Water resource management looms as one of the most significant global challenges of the 21st century. Around the world, businesses, governments, and policymakers alike must work together to move beyond business as usual not only to increase the supply and improve the productivity of current resources but also to reduce withdrawals by reshaping underlying economic activities.

To understand the water resource problem currently facing business and governments, a sector-level understanding of the supply and demand challenges is useful. In South Africa, the agricultural, industrial, and urban sectors account for a majority of overall demand. However, each region faces challenges that are unique to the set of economic activities prevalent in that area.

Budget Speech review on Water Crisis and its effects

South Africa’s economic outlook, according to industry experts, ahead of the 2019 budget speech by Finance Minister Mboweni suggested that 2019 would be a “tough financial year.” In his 2019 budget speech, Mr Mboweni stated “Water is critical. Current water delivery models are not working in many cases, and we need to consider new ideas and models.”

The 2019 budget sees R208.5BN expenditure on community development with R56.4BN of that going to the development of Human Settlement, water and electrification programmes.

Lesira Teq's plans to help steer the water crisis

The current challenges and outlook on the economy and water crisis in South Africa brings about an opportunity for innovation, efficient and affordable systems to guide the country to better outcomes.

Smart metering has become a productive tool for Municipalities and Household Consumers alike as a means of being accountable for managing the water crisis. Lesira Teq’s smart water meter technology operates through wireless transmissions that send consumers information about consumption. Information received from the system is then viewed through the Lesira Teq app or Lesira Portal, using a smart device, giving the end user consent oversight.

Lesira Teq’s smart meters also affords its consumers the flexibility to manage water restrictions, convert conventional water meters to pre-paid systems and send consumption reports for consumers to get an idea of exactly how much they are consuming. The systems ability to detect water leakages helps to save water and money.

Lesira-Teq offers many municipalities leading smart metering solutions to curb water wastage and improve its economic output, reducing outstanding revenue. The automatic possible bypass detection and AMR Drive-by services for manual meter reading and information reporting provides municipalities with accurate billing information and saves them time.The technology provided and continuous research conducted assists municipalities with a better understanding of the water sector and their current water economic outlook. All aligning to a better financial outcome for the South African economy.

About Lesira-Teq

Lesira-Teq is a leading innovations company that designs, manufactures and supplies Smart Metering Systems globally. Our company’s track record spans over 15 years and is a testament to a company that has made remarkable strides in the innovation and development of Smart Metering Technologies.

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