A close eye on constant research and development

With highly qualified engineers on board and a close eye on constant research and development, Lesira-Teq holds position as the leading water metering company. Regular updates on trends, new technology, new findings and experiences keep our dynamic team stuck to benchmarking products and services to international standards.

Returning gratitude through skills development

At Lesira-Teq we believe in ploughing back into local talent, thus we source local people for skills development, empowerment and economic development in the areas they operate in.

Accredited technical training is provided for external service providers and Lesira-Teq employees at the service centres. Lesira-Teq hosts a company culture of appreciation and can one at all times find the silver line of humble thanks in this leading innovative company.

Lesira-Teq mobile app #savingwater

Be mindful to use water wisely. Avoid fines and use water wisely with a Water Management Unit from Lersira-Teq which comes with our mobile app.

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